World's Largest Flip Book Taken With a Camera Phone

TECNO recently released its newest camera phone, the CAMON 15 through an online launch. The new phone features a Sony camera and trademarked TAIVOS technology.

The launch included a flip book of pictures taken with the phone’s camera. In total, the book covers over 1,000 square feet. Each page is 7.2 sqft by 7.2 sqft. It is almost the size as one and a half tennis courts.

One of the most famous Nigerian singer/songwriters Wizkid was in attendance at the launch.

The book consists of 33 pages and the flip animation is of a ballet dancer’s movement.

The CAMON 15 is supplied with a well-built 64-MP camera supported by a Sony Camera. The 64-MP upgrade helps to increase the vividness of photography by up to 68% from past models.

The four pixels were combined into a 1.6 micron megapixel in order to create high quality night time pictures.

The big “½” sensor captures more light at night, producing a photo that is brighter will visual disturbance.