This Service Dog Was Hired To Soothe Children In Court

The legal system and court proceedings are scary enough for adults, let alone children.

Fortunately, Merel the service dog is here to help.

Merel, an 18-month-old Labrador Bernese Mountain Dog mix, works for the Child Witness Protection Program at the London Courthouse in London, Ontario. She is the first of her kind to be brought onto the program for the sole reason of comforting and supporting youth testifying in court.

Merel took the job with her handler, Rachel Crawford, only three weeks ago--and has already assisted six young victims in court with astonishing results.

"It's sort of hard to know how I ever did my work without her," Crawford told ABC News. "She helps build an instant rapport. They can walk in and it's an instant conversation starter and allows us to have those happy conversations and talk about court preparation."

Way to go, Merel! Job well done!

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