Sherwin Williams Releases 2020 Color Guide

Each year, Sherwin-Williams releases the most popular color of the year. The paint company announced that Naval was chosen as “the world’s most relaxing hue.” But they don’t stop with calling paint trends right there. Sherwin-Williams enlisted the help of more than 250 professional interior designers to help identify paint trends in 2020. You might be surprised by some of the results.

“The survey results show that design is moving in a new direction. It’s not just about how colors look in a space, but how they make you feel,” Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams, Sue Wadden said. “That’s why I think gray is trending out and moodier hues are trending in--these dark, rich colors envelope us and make us feel cozy, turning our homes into the retreats I think we’re all craving.”

Dark is the New Neutral

White, gray, and beige are all the standard neutral colors we all know and love. In 2020, Sherwin-Williams predicts that they will be joined by darker colors. In a poll, 66% of designers agreed that black is considered a neutral tone, while 44% named sage green and another 42% said navy blue. On the brighter side of the spectrum, blush pink was considered a new neutral color by designers, saying the neutral is being redefined as a color more pigmented and bold.

Brighter Colors For Younger Generations

Generation Z is starting to grow up, with that you can expect to see brighter colors trending. Of the designers polled, 26% said that younger people are more likely to look for bright colors, often requesting vibrant colors like yellow and orange. Older generations are still more likely to keep their designs neutral with whites and beiges most frequently requested. Millennials tend to request bolder colors like purple.

Beige Makes Its Comeback

Over the last few years, we’ve seen gray have its moment on walls all over the world. The interior design world insists that beige will be making its own comeback shortly enough. A beige mixed with just a hint of red makes any room look chic, sophisticated, and updated.

In addition to beige’s comeback, designers are predicting a return of natural wood in furniture, decor, and cabinetry. Soft and soothing features will be the new look in 2020.

Trending Colors Will Make Their Mark

Trending colors are most likely to be tried out on bathrooms. Almost ⅓ of those surveyed chose the smallest room in the house to try out a bold color, while 17% chose the living room, 15% said the bedroom, and only 10% chose the dining room.

If the thought of painting an entire room is daunting, try an accent wall or utilizing paneling or tiling the other half of the wall.