Reuse Old Starbucks Cups for Mess Free Art Time

It is both wonderful and terrifying seeing young children paint. Sure, they’re expressing their creativity and getting to try new things, but the mess can be unbearable. Have you ever seen a child go full Jackson Pollock? It’s the stuff of Mr. Clean’s nightmares. Thankfully, there's a clever way to let your child explore their artistic side without turning your house into an abstract art gallery.

Starbucks’ Frappuccino cups are the perfect vessel to use for paint with young children.

The dome lids allow children to easily scrape off excess paint, and if the cup gets knocked over, the lids block most of the spill! Best of all, when your child is finished with their masterpiece, you can rinse out the cups and use them again when they’re ready to create their next great work of art.