Organic Moms Can't Believe The INCREDIBLE Prices At Whole Foods NEW Chain

Whole Foods Market has become a favorite for shoppers who are looking to find organic foods that they can trust. But, most shoppers have learned that Whole Foods products are not the cheapest in town. Fortunately, the expensive food chain is launching a cheaper alternative to target healthy shoppers who need to save a buck or two.

365 by Whole Foods is the name of the new market that opened in Silver Lake, CA to compete with stores like Trader Joes. It’s the first of 19 stores that are going to be launched in the United States.

“Our goal is to compete in the marketplace without lowering the Whole Foods standards,” said Jeff Tunas, president of the food chain.

The stores are expected to be smaller than the average Whole Foods and carry a quarter of the products. Its goal is to bring technology into the store to cut back on staffing costs. Tea, wine, and produce kiosks will help create a “grab and go” environment.

They’re specifically targeting new millennial moms and people who may shop at stores like Wal-Mart or use meal providers such as Blue Apron.

Whole Foods is keeping the locations of the new stores under wraps. But, if the Silver Lake location catches then you may see one in your neighborhood!