Kindergarten Teacher Makes Hilarious Tik Toks About Online Learning

As parents of young learners are coping with the initial challenges of online learning, Jamie Burcham, a mother and kindergarten teacher, has been making parents belly laugh on Tik Tok with her all to accurate videos. Burcham tries to illustrate just how interesting online learning can be with six year olds.

Burcham made a duet with another Tik Tok user, Bobby Windom. In the short video, Burcham tries to maintain professionalism and control of the class, while eager student Bobby excitedly shares details about his snacks.

“Guess what I got! Cheese--Pepper Jack cheese!” Bobby says over his teacher. The video goes on to show Bobby hilariously wolfing down his snacks while Jamie desperately tries to get him to slow down and mute his microphone.

The pair has done multiple Tik Toks together, which are sure to bring laughter to parents everywhere And don’t forget--be sure to thank your child’s teacher!