HUNDREDS Of These Foods Are Being Recalled--And Most Are In Your Freezer

Fever, fatigue, aches, serious complications--you don't want any of these things to haunt you after enjoying dinner. But, thanks to a massive, multi-state outbreak of listeria, thousands of Americans are feeling the side effects of contaminated food.

The recent outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes has been affecting food in America for nearly three years! And according to Food Safety News, the problem is universal for frozen foods due to damaged equipment in certain processing plants nationwide.

Frozen foods, deli cheese, and seeds are just some of the 358 products that are being recalled in grocery stores across the country. If one of THESE brands from Costco, B.J.'s, Sam's Club, Walmart, Target, or Trader Joe's is in your kitchen, be sure to toss it TODAY!



Columbia River Organics



Live Smart



Organic By Nature



O Organics


Pantry Essentials


Trader Joe's

Wellsley Farms

Check out the full list of recalled frozen foods here.