DIY: How to Make a Penny Floor

A penny for your thoughts? How about 20,000 of them for a funky, bohemian floor? Usually, I save my loose change for a trip to the bank, but instead of cashing in your little Lincolns, you can doctor-up a small play area or mud room. This DIY project will take a little persistence and a very large penny collection. This crafty husband and dad had both of those when he decided to design a floor for his wife! Tired of the same old traditional tile, they decided a copper floor would be cooler, and a great way to spend time with his daughter. So grab some construction adhesive, a beer and your favorite playlist! This project will take time, but the end result is pretty flashy!

The amount of pennies needed will depend on the room’s square footage. Typically, you will need 250 pennies per square foot. If you don’t have the largest penny collection, you could purchase them from your local bank.

Time to get started!


Using construction adhesive, individually line and glue the pennies by rows, (this floor took about 100 pennies per row).


penny8Getting some help from his little girl....well her patience lasted 5 pennies.


Depending on your eye for design, separate the pennies by shade to create a design. Need some inspiration? Check out some penny pattern ideas here. Using the shinier pennies, he created a border for the center of the floor.


Final project! Finish it off with applying an epoxy coating for shiny penny floor! Learn how to apply the coating here.