Clever Interior Design Tricks Using Books

Many book lovers know that their personal libraries can also double as interior decorations. You can choose to color-code, store them backwards, or steadily balance them in precarious piles around the house. Books are the functional decoration to make any space cozy. These days, a new trend dares to push this concept to new lengths by transforming old books into dazzling wall art.

Oklahoma designer Erin Kern first thought to make books into DIY art back in 2015. Her concept works with any book you have laying around the house. Simply grab a staple gun, secure the book covers to the wall you are embellishing, and use staples or glue to arrange the pages to your liking. You can keep a book open to your favorite page or use some keen design to make the books appear like they’ve been frozen mid-page flip. The best part about this project is the ability to customize the piece to your tastes and liking.

Kern and fellow designers who have tried this project often choose to combine the books with different types of wall decor. You can use pressed flowers, framed literary quotes, or assorted wallpapers to really make this design your own.

If the thought of seeing books getting stapled to a wall is making you cringe, have no fear. These are simply books that you are ready to part with and want to repurpose, especially those that might be too damaged to donate.