Artist Transforms Pictures of Pets Into Disney Characters

Since Disney began making animations in the late 1920s, their style has remained more or less consistent since the first animation “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.”

Human characters are drawn with slender necks, turned-up noses and large eyes and pupils. Female characters are drawn with even larger eyes and exaggerated eyelashes.

Similarly, animals are animated with movement similar to those found in nature, but with anthropomorphic features to accentuate their humanness. Animals are drawn to have mouths modeled after humans, because often they can talk, and the ears are set back further on their heads. This animation process is known as “Disneyfication.”

Dutch animator, Isa Bredt was seeking to learn how to “Disneyfi” different animals. She took to Reddit where she asked for pictures of user’s pets. “There was a subreddit where you could offer free art to people. I wanted to practice the Disney style, so I offered free drawings for people who would send me pictures of their pets,” Bredt said.

In no time she became so talented at “Disneyfing” people’s pets, she was able to begin accepting commissions and money through Patreon.

“I did this a few times and people really enjoyed it, though I wasn’t very good yet. Then last summer, I decided to take on commissions as a summer job because I didn’t want to work in the food service industry again, and i went well enough that I decided to create an Instagram and do the commissions as a side job.”

Bredt explains that she draws inspiration from some of the more classic Disney films, like Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, and The Arsitocats--though she says her favorite Disney film is The Lion King.