Toddler Wakes Up From Coma After Doctors Planned On Suspending Life Support

As a parent, watching your child suffer is the worst experience you can ever possibly endure.

So, when 1-year-old Marwa was placed into a medically-induced coma after coming down with a dangerous neurological virus, it was heartbreaking for her parents to hear the doctors recommend suspending life support.

Medical experts advised Marwa’s parents to remove their toddler from life support¬†after treating her with aggressive therapy just to keep her alive.

Not to mention, the experts were skeptical that if she did wake from her coma that she would ever walk or speak again.

But, after Marwa’s parents submitted a petition with 70,000 signatures asking that the end of life for their daughter be delayed, Marwa woke up–ten days after doctors made the decision to suspend life support.

As of right now, Marwa’s treatment is ongoing, but every day that her parents see progress in their little girl gives them hope.

What a truly amazing story!

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