This Little Girl's Bucket List Proves That Kids Really Do Say The Darndest Things!

Admit it, as a child, you had a ridiculous bucket list that you thought if you achieved would for sure make all the other kids you knew jealous.

And, while we definitely believe that your goals from your younger years would impress even the coolest kid at school, we're going to have to say Josh's younger sister's bucket list takes the cake.

Don't worry, once you read this list you will understand.

Little Girl's Bucket List

A little confused? Yeah, let's just say her brother was rather baffled when he discovered the looseleaf paper containing nine of her ten life goals.

The 10-year-old girl's goals are edgy, random, and basically just everything you wouldn't expect to see on a bucket list all wrapped up into one.

Little Girl's Bucket List

C'mon, we mean, eat 10 'Dorito' tacos from Taco Bell AND win a 'Dorito taco' eating contest? This girl is going places. Not to mention, can we all just stop and appreciate #8? Haven't we all dreamt (hah) of sleeping for a magical 24 hours?

We can see why her brother's tweet has received over 22,000 likes and 9,000 retweets. Don't worry Josh, just embrace your little sister's creativity--and let us know if she ever fills in the elusive tenth task!