This Hilarious Video Of Children Fighting Off Outerwear Is A Struggle All Parents Can Relate To

If you're a parent, then you already know the battle that comes along with getting your kid to put on their winter coat.

Nope, you're not alone--it seems that outerwear is a universal enemy to all children everywhere, including the Holderness family. Which is why they decided to put together this hysterical parody video to the tune of Eminem's memorable song "Lose Yourself," that they appropriately titled "Shoes Yourself."

Not only did the Holderness family compose the most-hilarious short video ever, but they also went on to explain the scientific reason behind children's hatred for coat-wearing.

Supposedly, kids naturally hate being swaddled, bound, or constricted--and much prefer to be free and naked. Children and babies' body temperatures also tend to run naturally higher than adults--combine that with all the running around kids do and all the energy they exert, and it turns out they really do require fewer layers than imagined.

But, whatever you do, don't let your kiddos in on the secret--they'll never let you live it down!