This 9-Year-Old's Quick Thinking Saved His Baby Brother

Imagine turning away for one moment and the unthinkable happens--your baby is falling from the changing table.

For Bal Harbour, Florida, resident Tila Levi, this was a scary reality.

However, by some sort of miracle, Tila's 9-year-old son happened to be at the right place at the right time.

As you can see in the video, Tila just got done changing her 11-month-old son's diaper when she was distracted by her 6-year-old son who had a question about homework.

In a quick moment, baby Eitan rolls over on the table until one leg is dangling and he completely loses balance.

At the very same instant that the infant is falling to the ground, 9-year-old Joseph walked by the bedroom and quickly dove and caught his baby brother's head and torso before he could hit the wood floor.

After realizing what just happened, Tila immediately grabs baby Eitan and hugs Joseph grateful for his quick thinking.

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