These Two Garbagemen Offered To Help The Family Of A Cancer Patient In An Incredible Way

Every Thursday in the Evenson household, three loving sisters would wait at the window to greet their neighborhood garbagemen, Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz--and each week they would eagerly wave back.

Garbagemen Present Letter

However, their routine started to change when 3-year-old Rosie Evenson and her family received tragic news--and the men received a note in November revealing how the little girl had been diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer. Rosie's parents went on to explain to Olsen and Fitz that while some of their daughter's treatments had been scheduled on Thursdays, their little girls hadn't forgotten about them.

The heartfelt note from the Evenson family really hit the two men hard, especially Olsen who also has three children of his own.

"This family forever changed my life — I read the note and was in near tears," Olsen told Today. Being a father, it's scary to think, 'What if it were me in that situation?'"

So, in an effort to help the family in any way possible, Olsen and Fitz approached their boss at Hometown Sanitation and asked if they could offer the Evenson family free trash pick-up service for a year, one of the employee benefits that the garbagemen receive.

After their boss expressed his willingness to help out the family, Olsen and Fitz delivered the Evensons the following letter--

Garbagemen Present Letter

"Please accept our gift of free garbage service for you through the end of 2017," Hometown Sanitation's note read. "We know that expenses will add up as you make trips for this needed treatment, and hope that not having this one bill to deal with helps, even if just a little. As parents ourselves, we can only imagine what this is like for you. We want to wish you the best of luck as you fight on and battle through. Best wishes for a successful treatment and recovery. Stay strong, fight hard, stick together."

The Evenson family is extremely grateful for the letter and kind gift during this hard time, and they have also opened a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for their daughter's expensive treatments.