These Two Dads Invented A Miracle Device To Save Children In The Heat

Two fathers decided to take action after yet another young child tragically passed away in their home state of Florida after being forgotten in a hot car.

The dads, Fadi Shamma and Jim Friedman, who are neighbors and friends living in Tampa, Florida, heard about the death and teamed up to develop a solution that would put an end to this devastating problem.

Miracle Device

Since one of the dads has a medical background and the other is an engineer, the pair were able to invent an incredible device called "Sense a Life" which aims to make sure that parents retrieve their children before walking away from the vehicle. The device consists of two parts - a small pad to put under your child, and a Bluetooth sensor that is placed under the driver's seat.

The ingenious device works like this - when a user opens the door, a loud automated voice from the device sets off an alarm that reminds you to grab your child from the back seat. And, if for some reason that's not enough of a warning, the device will send an alert to your phone informing you that your child is still in the car - shortly after, a second notification will alert an emergency contact.

The pair of heroic fathers is working with national organization to try to pass a federal law that would require a similar device to be built into cars. If you are interested in the Sense a Life device, you can purchase one on the company's website for $100 where it is currently available for preorder.

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