Sweet 5-Year-Old Becomes Honorary Cop After Spreading Love At Nursing Home

Officer Oliver Davis is not your average cop.

For one, he’s only five years old. Plus, he rides around a nursing home on a motorcycle passing out flowers and hugs–which isn’t really a sight you’d expect to see.

Adorable Oliver has made it his duty to visit nursing homes in Overland Park, Kansas giving out hugs, kisses, and roses to all the residents.

“Everyone told me it made their day. He asked me if it was ok to hug them and I said yes! So he would pass out a flower and give each one a hug,” Brandi Davis told the Good News Network. “We have been to 3 nursing homes so far and he loves it and wants to go to more.”

But, kind Oliver’s dedication to the job doesn’t stop at the nursing homes.

“He wakes up every morning and puts on his uniform and then has to ride his motorcycle rain or shine to check on all of the neighbors. He then has to sit on the street with his radar gun to check for speeders!”

Since Oliver has done such a great job of spreading love throughout the town, the local police force gave him an honorary police badge and salute for all his hard work.

Way to go, Officer Oliver Davis!

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