Parents Cannot BELIEVE The FDA’s SHOCKING Discovery About This ‘Natural’ Ingredient

Some moms are searching for healthy choices to fend off the sugary temptations that line the walls of local grocery stores.

Evaporated cane sugar is a popular ingredient on natural labels these days, which is giving parents a certain peace of mind when they bring home that tasty snack.

Unfortunately, the FDA recently discovered that “evaporated cane juice” is, in fact, just another term for sugar. The sugar replacement was the perfect marketing ploy to grab smart shoppers and food producers were caught red-handed with the lie.

FDA officials are observing food companies and attempting to enforce a change. They officially dubbed the ‘evaporated cane juice’ as false or misleading which has some food producers up in arms. From now on, new labels will have to give details on added sugars and note if the intake exceeds the recommended 10 percent of the calories you eat in a day.

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