'Secret Santa' Settles Overdue Lunch Balances At Elementary School

For many families with children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time of the year.

But, thanks to one generous stranger in Herminie, Pennsylvania, the families of 44 students at H.W. Good Elementary School can rest a little bit easier knowing that their children won't go hungry while at school. According to CNN, nearly half the children at the school come from financially struggling families and qualify for free and reduced school lunches.

Last week, the anonymous man walked through the doors of the elementary school and wrote a check for $864 wiping out all overdue lunch balances. He also offered to provide the funds for one child's lunch for the rest of the school year.

"We were stunned and so thankful," Principal Amy Larcinese told ABC News. "We have a lot of families in really hard times right now, and he is making such a difference in their lives."

"A few families contacted us, saying how they were so appreciative of the help especially given the holidays," Larcinese added. "Sometimes, all we see are the sad things going on in the world, so it's really, really nice to know there are great people out there would give up their things to help others."

How amazing is this mysterious "Secret Santa?"

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