Puppy Found Beaten And Buried Alive Gets A Second Chance at Life

It’s a story of vigor and courage that will leave you in joyful tears of strength and hope. Buried alive and left to dig himself out of his own grave, that’s what this four-month-old puppy in Augusta, Georgia had to do for his survival. This brave little canine endured a brutal beating, was left to die in a small grave, but he fought for a second chance. When The Animal Services found “Moxie” last week, he was barely conscious and unresponsive when brought to the Westside Animal Hospital. Veterinarian Dr. Scarlett Timmons treated the pup, was horrified at the injuries Moxie received by the dog’s attacker. “He had a pretty significant head injury, a lot of swelling in his head. He also had been bitten by ants and a respiratory infection from all the dirt that got caught in his nasal passages,” stated the veterinarian.

Named for his strength, character and determination to live, the definition of “Moxie” couldn’t be a more fitting name for this amazing little guy. The staff at Westside Animal Hospital was weary if the puppy would make it through the night. After five days of intense treatment by the staff, the mighty Moxie was stabilized. "Before, he was complete blank with no reactions, but now he comes up to kiss people, and he's very affectionate and he's enjoying the attention he's receiving," said Timmons. "He's now also eating and drinking with us. He still can't stand on his own -- he's pretty wobbly -- but he's making progress and we're praying he can make a full recovery. "

The staff is now looking for the loving family and home he deserves once he’s all better. What of Moxie’s attackers? The sheriff’s office of Richmond County did not receive a report filed about Moxie’s case, but Sgt. Shane McDaniel alerted the public that anyone who harms an animal is looking at a $1,000 to $15,000 find and possible jail time. If you are reading this and have information of the despicable crime Moxie lived through, please contact the Augusta Animal Services or the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.