This Little Boy Has The Most ADORABLE Reaction To Finding Out He BEAT Cancer

His life seemingly changed forever when 4-year-old Ben Morris was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In just a matter of weeks, he went from being a rambunctious preschooler to a child close to facing death.

Cancer Boy - Sleeping

"Have you ever had a kid reach for the stove or step off a curb and a car is coming?" said Casi Morris, Ben's mother. "That moment when your stomach clenches, adrenaline dumps, right before you throw yourself in front of the danger? That's what it is to have a kid with cancer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To say we were a mess is an understatement."

But big brother Ethan never treated Ben differently, always sure to bring Legos to the hospital so they could keep playing together. And for the more than 1,000 days following, Ben's family tried to make his life as normal as possible despite the countless treatments he endured, doing things like pretending the green chemo was Ninja Turtle ooze and that his bed was everything from a pirate ship to a deserted island.

Cancer Boy - Hospital

Then in June 2016, everyone's hope finally turned into reality when Ben's mother got the lab results she'd been waiting years for. Cancer no longer riddled his tiny body!

Just like you'd imagine, Ben was ecstatic when he received the amazing news. And because a moment like such should never be forgotten, Casi recorded the adorable reaction from him and his brother.

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