Celebrity Offers Modeling Gig To Plus Sized Cyber Bullying Victim

As a mom, bullying is one experience that we never want our daughters to endure. Unfortunately, with the rise of social media and anonymity, the chances of young adults never encountering a bully are very slim.

However, one young celebrity refuses to let the haters win. When 20-year-old American actress and musician Zendaya noticed a beautiful 19-year-old woman being harassed on Twitter about her weight, she refused to keep her mouth shut.

Zendaya Offers Student Gig

After stumbling across a man who was reposting pictures of the Monmouth University student along with rude captions, Zendaya responded to the bully with “She is fine as hell head to toe and [I guarantee she] does’t know you exist, my man.”

Zendaya was so impressed with the young woman that she even asked her social media followers to help her track down the bullied student so she could ask her to a plus-sized model for her clothing line. The mystery 19-year-old known as IllestCee happily accepted the actress’ offer.

“I’m really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has always been my number one goal,” wrote the student.

What an amazing story–congrats to IllestCee and way to go, Zendaya!